Before using your new end grain wood cutting board you must season it properly with cutting board oil. A properly seasoned cutting board is important to protect against stains and absorption of odors and bacteria. Seasoning the wood cutting board fills the open grains in the wood preventing it from picking up any stray food particles that may lead to an illness and preventing mold and germs from growing on the wood cutting board.

Mineral Oil is the best cutting board oil

What is the Best Wood Cutting Board Oil?

The best oil for wood cutting board seasoning is a food grade mineral oil. You can purchase food grade mineral oil at your local drug store and it is not very expensive.  make sure you do not purchase mineral oil that can be found at your local hardware store, that oil may not be safe for food products.  Food grade mineral oil is by far the most common and most used wood cutting board oil for seasoning. There is no need for expensive or special oils for seasoning your wood cutting board. One thing you should make sure not to use is vegetable or cooking oils to season the wood cutting board. These oils will spoil and leave the end grain wood cutting board with a terrible spoiled odor.

In addition to the wood cutting board oil mentioned above, it is also recommended that you melt a small amount of wax into the oil to improve the cutting board’s ability to repel liquids. The best wax to use is beeswax or paraffin wax. Just shave a small amount of wax, a half table spoon to tablespoon into a cup or so of wax and microwave just long enough for the wax to melt. Mix up the solution and you will have the perfect solution for preserving your end grain wood cutting board.

You can follow the link here for a great Mineral Oil that is also fortified with vitamin E – Howard Products BBB012 Butcher Block and Cutting Board Oil, 12-Ounce

Wood Cutting Board Oil NOT to Use

  • Vegatable Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Non food grade mineral oil
  • Any other Organic oils
These oils will spoil and leave a rancid odor on your board.  While technically not harmful, it is certainly not pleasant.

How to Apply Cutting Board Oil?

Parrafin Wax for Cutting Board Oil

  1. Take a cup of food grade mineral oil and scrap off a small amount of beeswax or paraffin wax into the mineral oil.  About a half teaspoon of wax will be best; this yields an excellent wood cutting board oil.
  2. Place the cup of oil and wax into the microwave for about 45 seconds or until the wax melts in to the oil.  Once it is melted stir the wax and oil together.
  3. Make sure your cutting board is dry
  4. Using a soft, lint-free cloth, apply the oil and wax over the cutting board.  Allow the board to stand upright while the wax settles in for 15 minutes or so.
  5. If no excess oil remains on the board,  spread another coat of oil on the board and wait 15 minutes.  Do this multiple times until the board will take no more of the oil and wax mixture.
  6. Once the oil has soaked into the board, take a dry, soft cloth and wipe off any excess oil that is still on the board.
  7. Place the board upright in an open air space so that the oil can continue seeping into the wood and filling the pores
  8. Once the oil has completely dried, you may wish to buff the surface of the cutting board with a dry soft cloth to give it a beautiful shine.

How Often to Apply Cutting Board Oil

The general rule of thumb states that you should season your wood cutting board once a day for the first week you have the board. After the first week you should apply the wood cutting board oil once a week for the first month. After the first month apply the wood cutting board oil once a month for the rest the board’s life.

Seasoning your wood cutting board with the proper cutting board oil is an essential part of keeping the wood cutting board clean and beautiful for many years to come!