We have scoured the web for directions on how to make a cutting board and have compiled a list end grain cutting board plans.  With these cutting board plans and little bit of wood working tools and skill you should be well on your way to making an end grain cutting board.

Once you have completed your board, don’t forget that proper maintenance is vital to the life of your board.  Make sure to check out the Cutting Board Care and Seasoning pages for more information on how to extend the life of your board and keep it looking beautiful for many years to come.

If these plans seems a little too much work and you’d rather  just purchase one, check  out our list of the best end grain cutting boards.

End Grain Cutting Board Plans

Cutting Board Plans“10 Squares” Cutting Board Plan - A very cool design for a board using multiple wood types and creating a board that has 10 squares on it.  Also an excellent tutorial on making an end grain cutting board.  A very cool cutting design indeed!  On of our favorites.




Cutting Board PlansThe Wood Whipser’s Viral Cutting Board Plan – Possibly the most popular how to make a cutting board video on the web, this video from the talened “Wood Whisper” has been viewed over 350,000 times on Youtube!  An easy, simple design, and wonderful video tutorial on how to make a cutting board!  Another link we have found with a PDF and more plans for this design!



Walnut and Maple Cutting Board PlanWood Magazine’s Classic Checkered Cutting Board Plan –  This beautiful cutting board uses a classic design creating a checkered cutting board of maple and walnut.  I truly striking board!




End Grain Cutting Board PlansRouter Jim’s Walnut, Maple and Cherry Cutting Board Plan – This is quite a nice design that is a little different than the standard checkered plan but still incorporates multiple wood.  The best part about this particular plan is that there are a few different design options and another great tutorial on how to make a cutting board.



Fancy Cutting Board DesignFancy End Grain Cutting Board Plan – Not quite sure if this board is any “fancier” than other designs but it definitely has a neat touch with the “fuzzy” look the interlocking boards give it.  Certainly a good cutting board plan for anyone looking for a challenge.



Multi Wood End Grain Cutting BoardMulti-Wood End Grain Cutting Board Plan – This isn’t a plan per say, but it is a pretty awesome looking board.  Dave used  fir, birch, walnut, cherry, and another mystery wood to make this board.  Check out the link for a step by step process on how he made it!



End Grain Cutting Board PlanTumbling Block End Grain Cutting Board Plan – This plan is pretty awesome, but probably the most advanced plan on here.  If you have the skill and time to construct this board you will not be disappointed.




Cutting Board Plan designer

Cutting Board Designer – Have not used this before but it looks pretty nifty if it works as it says.  It is an application you download that will let you create all kinds of different designs then spit out a parts list depending on what design you choose! There is also an instructional YouTube video attached.



Edge Grain Cutting Board Plans

A close second to an end grain cutting board is an edge grain cutting board.  A great choice for the beginning woodworker, these edge grain cutting board plans are easier than their end grain cousins while still providing a beautiful and forgiving cutting surface.

Simple Edge Grain Cutting Board PlanLee’s Wood Projects simple cutting board.  This is a great beginner cutting board plan with easy to follow directions.  For a free plan, there are detailed instructions as well as a materials list detailing which woods and what sizes you will need to complete the project.



Start Woodworking’s beginner cutting board plan.  This is another excellent beginner plan from StartWoodworking.com.  Complete with a tool and material list, this plan includes step by step directions complete with PICTURES!.  An all around great guide.




Woodsmith classy cutting board plan.  This cutting board plan starts with a blank edge grain board and then adds details such as rounded edges, juice trough, and finger hole.  Certainly one of the most in depth and professional plans on here.  Plan comes in pdf format.